Imaginary Populations

I imagine unicorns are actually huge jerks who don’t respect other mythical creatures, especially other horned animals. The unicorns’ prejudice has driven them to create an extensive police state to target, surveil, and harass non-unicorns. They even go so far as to deny the existence of tri-corns and call them imaginary to rationalize their status as disposable non-people. Names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this comic are fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred.


tricorn - B. n. 1. An (imaginary) creature with three horns.

These creatures were a lump on their heads,..supported by three small protuberances; from whence they were called Tri-corns.
— W. Bristow, 'The Impostors Detected: Or, the Life of a Portuguese. In which the Artifices and Intrigues of Romish Priests are Humorously Displayed. The Whole Interspersed with Several Curious and Entertaining Anecdotes, Relating to Some of the Principal Personages of the Kingdom of Portugal. In Two Volumes.' (1760)