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The wording of this definition has been revised since I created this comic. It now reads “To talk incessantly or at great length,”, ‘Ear-basher’ has its own entry (‘A person who talks excessively; a bore’), and the quotation has changed. The line from We Were Rats is now “Ya know them things he's often ear-bashing about.” This may be a different passage, or excerpted from an inferior translation, sadly missing much of the character of the original Australian.


Ear-bash, v., transitive & intransitive slang. (chiefly Australian). To talk inordinately (to someone). Hence ear-bashing, verbal substantive & participle adjective; ear-basher, a chatterer; a bore.

‘Time for you bastards to do some spine bashing,’ said one. ‘Are you going to sit there ear bashing all night?’
— Lawson Glassop 'We Were Rats', 1944