Global Wwoofing

The quote for this word’s comic refers to a story about St. Francis of Assisi. A wolf was terrorizing the citizens of the city of Gubbio, first destroying their livestock, and eventually preying directly upon the people. St. Francis entered the woods and brought the wolf to heel, then entered into a pact whereby it would no longer destroy or threaten the local people’s way of life.

Climate change is the most prominent threat to our current civilization. There is a clear need for humanity to cease causing irreparable damage to the planet through large-scale industrial extraction of the earth’s resources. This extraction is driven by the capitalist class preying on the homes and livelihoods of indigenous and disadvantaged peoples. When the Earth’s ecological inheritance is threatened, when a small group of humans jeopardize the habitability of the world, the question must be asked: Who are the real wolves?


ovicide 1. Chiefly humorous. Now rare.  The killing of a sheep; sheep-slaughter. So ovicidal , adj. 1, sheep-killing.

An ovicidal wolf, being rebuked by this ecclesiastical Orpheus for his carnivorous deeds, placed his paw in the hand of his monitor in pledge of his future good behavior.
— Sir James Stephen, 'Essays in Ecclesiastical Biography' (1850)