Navient, Great Lakes, The Daemon MOHELA, and other monsters bound in service to Sallie Mae can cast the spell Invisible Hand Legerdemain. The target of the spell is given an opportunity for jugglery and conjuring tricks. Following this, they are haunted by a Contractual elemental. The elemental will deduct d500 from the target’s monthly earnings, with an additional d100 at higher levels. The more conjuring tricks and jugglery tosses the target learns, the higher the elemental’s starting level.

The spell is dispersed when an amount, determined at the time of casting, is paid off. Targets may take a limited number of Deferral actions to counter the elemental, as well as the Forbearance bonus action. However, the Contractual elemental can itself cast the spell Interest which adds d5 to 2d8 percent of the dispersal amount to itself every round. There is no limit to the number of times Interest can be cast.


legerdemain, n. sleight of hand; the performance of tricks which by nimble action deceive the eye; jugglery; conjuring tricks.

The professors of legerdemain at our village fairs, pull out ribbon after ribbon from their mouth.
— Samuel Taylor Coleridge, 'Biographia literaria; or, Biographical sketches of my literary life and opinions' (1817)