In addition to the definition of zero hour as used in the Joyce quote, zero hour is also “the time at which a military operation is scheduled to begin.” That time is depicted repeatedly in this comic. The scene also contains the classroom from the first Abecedary comic, proving that the illustrator has heard of books.

Thank you to everyone who has liked and shared these comics as I have worked on this project for six (six!!) years. The Abecedary is be finished for the foreseeable future. However, market research says I should pivot to video. Se please enjoy the following timelapse video of me drawing the final Abecedary comic:


zero hourn. 3. The hour from which a new cycle of time is measured; spec. midnight, as the beginning of the day.

Methought..I heard at zero hour as ‘twere the peal of vixen’s laughter among midnight’s chimes.
— James Joyce, 'Finnegans wake' (1939)