Achievement Unlocked

This war takes up an enormous amount of space and has no campaign mode. Multilateral mode’s waiting room is broken and the matches are horribly uneven. Buggy maps cause missions to reach victory conditions but then mysteriously keep going. I had to read pages of forums just to figure out who I was fighting on some levels. The aerial levels are boring and impossible to finish without driving your collateral death stat through the roof. Every year costly DLC are churned out with barely any publicity. Each one adds sprawling, repetitive maps and unusable new weapon packs. One automatically deleted my SimEarth save. This is a company that does not care about the people who play their games and if they ever-- what? Okay, okay I’ll leave the Activision lobby. Please don’t get security.

1 star


banal adj. 1.  Of or belonging to compulsory feudal service. 2. (From the intermediate sense of, Open to the use of all the community): Commonplace, common, trite; trivial, petty.

Prizes were as banal as medals after a modern war.
— Richard Francis Burton and Verney Lovett Cameron, 'To the Gold Coast for gold: a personal narrative', 1883.