It’s the Real Thing

The locals know which leaves make the good tea; all these other shrubs will have to go. Don’t just stand there chewing, get to work! Cook us a batch, send it up North—give it plenty of bubbles, pop-pop-pop. Life just got sweeter. I wish they would replace the water with this stuff.

This was the last Abecedary I drew on regular printer paper. I used a brush pen for this one which seems ridiculous in hindsight given the amount of detail I tried to fit on a small canvas, drawing specific plants and stuff.


Coca-Cola n. The proprietary name of a popular American soft drink. Also fig. So in various humorous or allusive formations as coca-colonization.

The coco-colanization [sic] of the viticultural regions.
— Edward Solomon Hyams, ‘From the Waste Land’, 1950